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Meet the Team.

Multicultural professionals who are leaders in their field, and can actively combine that knowledge to work for your Brand.

With 24 years of multicultural
marketing under his belt, Raffa
is a master at creating multicultural
marketing, advertising and branding
enterprises that break new ground
for top brands in the United States,
Caribbean and South America.
An award-winning Chief Creative
Officer, he is a keen strategist at
heart. Raffaʼs unique, culturally
relevant expertise embraces
mediums from traditional broadcast
to the latest innovations in digital.
These form the base of a broad skill
set with which he optimizes how
brands touch the hearts and minds
of key diversity segments, including
Hispanic, African American, Women
and other specializations. Sprint,
Boost Mobile, McDonald's, Miller Lite,
Tecate, Pennzoil, Nationwide and
Mitsubishi are among the most
recent brands heʼs served.





Vice President of Strategy

 Bringing a broad-based marketing
background serving start-ups to
Fortune 500 companies, Yvett has
over a decade of experience creating
strategies built around reaching out
to underserved populations. Yvett
harnesses key insights and turns
them into actionable blueprints that
connect with end consumers.
She has the ability to understand and
connect with diverse target groups,
utilizing intuitive research practices
to find those key insights needed to
make a lasting connection to the
brands she serves.
Yvett has leveraged her International
Marketing MBA from Thunderbird
School of Global Management to
holistically identify the best solutions
for her clients. A sampling of
companies includes Cargill, Black
and Decker, GNC, Loweʼs, H-E-B,
Cricket, Wells Fargo and high-profile
clients in both Switzerland and Mexico.



Director of Digital Brand Development

A pioneer of digital in the field of
diversity, Delia has honed her craft
with 30-years plus of advertising and
marketing specializing in media.
During this time, she has wrapped
global brands like Procter & Gamble,
Nissan, Samsung and Kimberly-Clark
and 360 holistic campaigns utilizing
every trick in the book—above-and-
below the line, digital and non, and
all with eyes on increasing brand
growth with niche segments.
A senior strategist and multidiscipline
media purist, Deliaʼs all-in service
approach to diversity and the
role it plays in a brandʼs total
market strategy are key to making
them successful. Sheʼs a master
translator of brand vision, carrying
total market exposures to their most
high-precision outcome within our

Leslie Ben


Director of Production

Leslie is a visionary in the
commercial industry, winning
awards for animated and live
action spots, as well as for music
production. She is a veteran
advertiser, bringing dedication,
passion and expertise to her
clients since 1996. Leslie has led
teams in all facets of the production
process. She has led work for
agencies, editorial teams, and
post production houses for audio,
film, SFX and a host of services.
Her specialties include assembling
the best team for the concept and
protecting creative integrity while
addressing client concerns on time
and within budget. Clients
include: Charter Communications,
Circle K, Dennyʼs, GameStop,
National Geographic, Pennzoil,
Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Tyson,and Visa.



Director of Creative Services

A seasoned veteran of old-school
advertising and a driven manager
of new-school marketing, David
knows how to keep teams making
brands tick. The only thing that
tops his determination to put the
best people on the job and let their
creativity speak for itself is his
skill at negotiating great values.
Insuring that every creative dollar
spent works twice as hard for the
brand. He puts the right people,
in the right place, at the right time
to work at giving 110%. Among
the brands he's helped build are
Corona, Modelo Especial, Taco
Bueno, Dennyʼs, Six Flags, Cellular
One, Southwestern Bell Mobile, TXU,
Oklahoma Natural Gas, Nestlé Waters,
Ozarka, Kernʼs Nectars, Gatorade,
Quaker Granola Bars, JC Penney,
Pennzoil-Quaker State,
Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza, Zales,
Nationwide Insurance and
Jose Cuervo Tequila.



Client Services Supervisor

Alicia Chang comes to Blueraffa
with over a decade of experience
in global sourcing, most recently as
the VP of Sourcing and Logistics at a
company that supplies large retailers
such as Walgreens and Target.
She understands the complexities
of doing business cross-culturally
as well as the ever-changing U.S.
With a keen interest in arts and
culture, she served from 2011-2015
as the executive director of
the Asian Film Festival of Dallas,
the largest showcase of Asian films
in the Southwest.  She is also active
on the boards of  Dark Circles
Contemporary Dance, the Video
Association of Dallas, and the
National Association of Women MBAs.