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blueraffa provides cross-cultural content development, multicultural marketing services and advertising for digital developers, ad agencies and corporate clients alike. Based in Dallas and Los Angeles, blueraffa works coast-to-coast directly with clients as well as complementing services offered by leading general market agencies. Our work is anchored in cultural relevance and 20 years of know-how to insightfully serve objectives that build awareness, expand brands socially, and strengthen them in the ever-expanding digital universe.
Having worked with many of Forbes' Most Valuable Brands, blueraffa has a trailblazing history in minority online and content development. Work blueraffa led and executed won silver at the IAB MIXX awards—the only competition that evaluates all key facets of interactive marketing: strategy, creative development and execution, media placement and integration, effectiveness and ROI. This work was commended particularly for its deep-trenched connection with bicultural millenials.
Investments in diversity and niche groups represents an investment in the superconsumers and idea generators of tomorrow! Whether a company seeks more employees or wants to sell to consumers among women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and LGBT, blueraffa has the proven strategic marketing and advertising to change their game. Brands plateau. The groups we serve break glass ceilings for themselves and the brands they trust.

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